Dogwood photography challenge week #10: Portrait/environmental. “ Find a subject in their natural habitat. Tell their story with their environment.
For this weeks challenge I have Sarah @reinventingwednesday to thank. She has done an unbelievable job in creating interesting abstract art. I highly recommend her Etsy, her work is so great.

. I feel that this photo captured the essence of thought process vs execution. Thank you Sarah, this was an easy one.

I normally don’t like pictures of myself, but I like this one. It was fun, although I was so lost in painting I didn’t even notice the camera. You can check out some of his work that’s for sale by clicking here.

On Life

On Life

I’ve been thinking about life in general lately. How each day can be repetitious, sometimes tedious, and exhausting at times. It’s easy to let these feelings drag you down, but you don’t have to let them.

We have more control over own lives than most of us realize. I’ve struggled with depression all of my life. It got so bad that I tried to end it. Thankfully, I lived. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have had my son, wouldn’t love the people I love, and wouldn’t have found the excitement in creating things again.

Life is so hard sometimes, but it’s a gift. Bad things happen every day, some days it will feel like the world is dropping down on your head. When those days come think of the good things that happened during the day. Think of the people you love and who love you. Think of all the reasons you are blessed.

Before I go to sleep at night I think of all the things that made me smile that day. It helps calm my mind when it starts to race. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but it’s still a good thing to practice. Shoot, do it during the day if you start feeling blue.

Celebrate every day as if it’s your last. You never know when it will end, so be grateful. Show and tell the people that you love, that you love them. Thank God for another day of breathing, even if it’s a heavy day, and your lungs are sore. There are so many wonderful things in store for you, be excited for them. Live life as a child does, in the moment, inspired and in awe of everything around you. That’s how I am trying to live mine. Some days I fail, but I’ll get there, and so will you.

Be kind and stay rad.