a missing roof,
ivy and tree limbs trespassing
where panes once held true,
walls have crumbled,


the foundation remains
and as someone once said:
“where there is a will
there is a way".


Prompt: “The Abandoned” photograph provided by the extremely talented @aliveinsideink. Check out his Etsy shop for more beautiful photographs as well as canvases.

Footsteps of the Past

Footsteps of the Past

it comes spilling out, runs through my fingers,
onto the counter, and down the drain.

/ he can’t hurt me anymore / but it still does / even after six years /

a sinking in the stomach. building up on the edge of my tongue. his sucker punch. I could shred him to tatters with the pieces he made of me.

used and dirty you motherfucker, I’d stab you to death if you ever tried it again /

what of his guilt? the iron claws he used,
the clench of fire he held against my wrist. his weight I had helped him carry, [all those years], forced on me. he knows nothing of his guilt. absolution granted without recognition of his wrong.

/ I fought hard / with fists / with words / I wish I could say I didn’t beg / but I did /

a survivor. another word to be branded with. and yet,
he won’t ever be known or see himself
as a rapist,
which is exactly what he is.