I Sit With a Cigarette, on a Bench, and I Think:

I Sit With a Cigarette, on a Bench, and I Think:

the sun lingers now
but the rain will come in the afternoon
and something metallic grates
against an immovable surface –
the sound like suffering
of one form or another

it could be interpreted differently
had I the understanding
of how the world works,

and of how ugly humans can be
to one another,
especially when people aren’t looking,
more importantly when they are

maybe things will turn out all right
when the end comes
and it all falls apart
to be put back together
yet again

maybe the seething undercurrent
will fade into oblivion
and those who deserve it
will be swallowed whole
and chewed to bits
by the teeth

of their own cruelty

but who am I to say anything

I wonder if anyone
will pause to watch

or will they turn away,
finally sick to their stomachs.



@reinventingwednesday and @aliveinsideink are made of magic and exist on planet Earth 

This made me laugh so hard. Thank you Ryan for creating this, it’s amazing!



I have finally gotten around to posting my Dogwood challenge photographs on my Etsy. Each week my Dogwood photos will be posted and have a limited run of only 10 prints. Signed and numbered. I will make sure that they are posted on my Etsy page the day they are unveiled. (Currently Mondays) Also all pricing, and I do mean all, has been greatly reduced. I really want to get my work out there and I am hoping this turns into something for me. Thanks for looking.


Nelson takes beautiful photos, but I don’t have to tell you that. You can see for yourself.

Highlights of my week

Highlights of my week

Here are the highlights of my week:

* A heart written in steam on the bathroom mirror.

* A thoughtful gift. The Gears of War mug I received is amazing. It keeps my tea or water really cold. Thank you again, Nelson.

* Getting asks when I was feeling down.

* Watching Sherlock Holmes. It’s so fricking good!

* Playing Puyo-Puyo Tetris.

* Getting to leave work early on Friday.

* Rehanging Nelson’s pictures. Note to others: don’t use command strips to hang pictures.

* Watching Eddie freak out in the grass.

* Having a three day weekend.

* Giving Nelson a fancy Whiskey glass.

* Looking at the sky, it was very beautiful yesterday as the sun set.

* Getting the new ‘68 album. I preordered it a few months back and can’t wait to listen to it!

* Watching John Wick (I love that movie, it gets me all amped up) and seeing John Wick 2. It was fantastic!

* Sleeping in late.

* Drawing.

* Playing Mario Kart with my kiddo.

Those are some of the highlights of my week. What were yours?