Show Me What is Full and I’ll Show You What Isn’t

Show Me What is Full and I’ll Show You What Isn’t

I could tell you about everything running through my heart
but you wouldn’t hear me
no one can

this face is not one I recognize
eyes swollen,
lips stale
as if they’ve never known a smile

I could stare for days
at the silence

and find everything
is the same

as we left it

the things that could be right
poured into the same bucket
of everything that will go wrong

I- the untitled,
left reeling
at the bottom of the well

I- the brick,
not the wish,
you hoped and prayed for.

Highlights of my week

Highlights of my week



*Giving Nelson a surprise gift during the week.

*Binge watching Breaking Bad. We’ve almost finished it.

*Playing Black Ops. I’m not a Call or Duty fan, but this one is different and a lot of fun.

*Eating at the best Mexician reaturant ever.

*Doing some shopping. I got a new lamp and more picture frames.

*Figuring out what was making me so dizzy. Apparently, it was a side effect of the antibiotic. I stopped taking it and will call the doctor tomorrow. The medicine made me more sick, who would have thought.

*Thinking about my Grandparents. It made me sad but happy too.

*Love and cuddles from my little guy.

*Celebrating the joys of each day.

Those were my highlights. What were yours?