First snow of the season.

Highlights of my week

Highlights of my week

*Watching Breaking Bad. We are nearing the end of the series and I have grown so attached to Jesse that I fear if something happens to him I’ll lose it.

*Playing Overcooked and Monopoly.

*Watching Nelson play Resident Evil 7. It is terrifying. I played for about 7 minutes and quit. I can’t do it, is scares me just watching it.


*Finishing up a long, overdue story.

*Being told that I’m doing well in my current position at work.

*Getting a tax return finished. Only about 7 (+) more to go.

*Listening to music really loud with my kiddo while driving him to school.

*Seeing Nelson excited and happy about a camera he is purchasing. I haven’t seen him this excited in a while and it’s absolutely the greatest thing to see him smile.

*Painting my nails. I haven’t in months.

*Talking about art with a co-worker.

*Playing games on my Gears of War controller. It is amazing!

*Thinking about buying a puppy. I’ve always wanted an English Bulldog or a Brussels Griffon. Now to decide on which. I’m leaning towards the Brussels, they are so damn cute. I would name him Simon.

Those were the highlights of my week. What were yours?

Judgment Day (Part 3)- The End

Judgment Day (Part 3)- The End

Morgan walks quietly away from the table. Jenkins does not turn around to watch him go, he wants to, but he also wants Morgan to trust him. Trust can be useful in situations like these.

He has a lot to think about. The news that his family is alive but running out of time is equally as frustrating as it is comforting. All he can think about is hugging his daughter and his wife. Doing so would mean that this monster would live and go on to kill more women. He might get caught, but Jenkins doesn’t think he will, at least not for a while. Jenkins thinks that when Morgan is done, when he is tired, and feels he has fulfilled the Lord’s will, he’ll simply turn himself in. Spend his remaining days in a prison cell filled with righteousness, thinking he had most certainly earned his way into Heaven. He would find comfort in that and the thought causes Jenkins skin to break out in a sweat.

He thinks about the women. All of them killed, more than likely tortured for days prior to the end. He thinks about their families, the sleepless nights they have had wondering about what happened to their baby girl. Hoping she is out there somewhere. Hoping she hates them too much to contact them instead of being dead. He thinks about how awful it is to hope that your child hates you, how that is better than the other option. How someone you brought into this world no longer shares the same air that you do. No longer sees the same sky or the beauty of this world. He thinks about his own daughter and the thought is so horrible he bangs his fists on the edge of the table. He can’t let this monster live, but he doesn’t want his wife and daughter to die.

Jenkins stands up and begins pacing. His hands running through his thinning hair. He goes back and forth between killing Morgan and seeing his family alive again. After fifteen minutes, Morgan slowly enters.

“Times up, Jenkins. Tell me what you are going to do”, he says.

Jenkins doesn’t hesitate, he pulls out his gun, then fires. Morgan drops to the floor, his eyes lifeless, blood begins to pool around his head. Jenkins walks back to his car.

Images of his wife and daughter swim through his head. He sees them as they were. He knows they would understand, but it doesn’t make sealing their fate any easier. He is responsible for the deaths of his wife and child. He will live with that for the rest of his life.

He drives back to where he was buried to see if he has left anything of importance. He doesn’t want to be connected back to the murder he just committed. He has his flashlight and sweeps the ground to see if there is anything. He wipes down the things he thinks he may have touched. He looks at the tree, the birds are gone, the sky has darkened. He has never felt so alone or lost. He is just about to leave, to go back to his empty home, when his flashlight catches something shiny.

He walks towards where the flash came from and sees a shovel. Grass and dirt cling to the blade. Jenkins picks it up to examine it. The grass and dirt look relatively fresh. A small sliver of hope begins to grow in his heart. He beings searching the ground around what would have been his grave if he hadn’t escaped.

About five hundred feet from where he was buried he sees a patch of dirt, rectangular in size. He begins to dig, his hands work fast, his heart hoping that it’s not too late.


Thank you to @street-heart-posts for the inspiration. It is finished. I hope you like it.

If you want to read the other parts here they are:

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Matt’s Thoughts Regarding Stress

Matt’s Thoughts Regarding Stress

Yesterday before I left work I stopped at my buddy Matt’s desk to see if he wanted to smoke. He looked really busy, so I asked if he was alright or if he was stressed. He said something that makes a lot of sense and I wanted to share it with you.

He said he doesn’t get stressed. When I asked how that was possible he replied by saying that this day will end and he has a thousand or so left to live. So, he doesn’t stress about things because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. The problems you have may not get fixed in one day, but they will be there tomorrow. Also some of the problems you have today won’t be problems the next day. Either way there is no point in stressing about them. It’s just energy being spent for no purpose. I’m going to start thinking about this when I feel stressed. Maybe it will help me and anyone else who reads this.

Stay rad.