faces illuminated- bright white,
overpowering various hues,
their thumbs move so quick,
while their lips remain still

and I want to ask them things:

who was your first love,
describe the taste of your favorite food,
who do you admire,
do you believe in God,
what’s one thing you would change,
what is your favorite smell,
what does home mean to you?

but they’re stuck
in a world that is constructed
out of servers and lines of html,
emoticons symbolize feelings,
and acronyms replace sentences

where anything can be said
when the only ramifications are
cuss words, insults,
and a CAPS LOCK key
for those who mean
serious business

always plugged in-
with the white light
blocking our view
it can be easy to forget
our life is to be lived
outside of the box.

Discreet Emotions

Discreet Emotions

I see you
but you’re not here
you’re up above
looking right through me
at whatever you see
on the horizon

I give you one last look
before I leave
your line of site,
the salt on my cheeks dry,
its presence absent on yours

you said you wanted
the simple things
as you gazed at the others
while I clung
to false hope

but all that was once beautiful
is gone now
lost among the parables
and daffodils.


My mother saved poems I wrote for a creative writing class in college. Most of them I didn’t like, but thought this one was okay. It was interesting to read them and to see how much I’ve changed as a writer.

Silence From the PA

Silence From the PA

Glass all around. I’m searching. I’m hiding behind the racks, slipping from one display case to the next. The smell of perfume overpowering, dry heaving into the crook of my elbow.

I see a light ahead.

I think train.
I think hallelujah.

I am reminded of fireworks and bombs being dropped. I was the enemy pushing the button.

Fake candy cane near the emergency exit. I always run. Not now. I set my mind on the light and move.

Thought: sun.

Thought: end of the line.

This is death and I
am caught between
living / dead
without fear.

Thought: HOPE.

The word appears on a wall to my left. It is red. Fresh paint that drips down the wall. A crime scene, but which one?

I think of teeth and hear a crunch. I imagine fangs. I check to make sure I haven’t grown any.


Slow, I’m so slow. My body unresponsive. Everything hurts. Bones ache. Rain must be coming or maybe snow. I want my warm bed.

I want home to be a heart.

I know which heart.

Giant oak door with a gold plated handle. Around my neck is the key. I hurry to remove the chain it hangs from. My hands are clumsy, they rebel.

The key falls to the floor. I pick it up. Someone is knocking.


Fingers obey, lock and key, twist.

No one stands at the open door.

I Give My Love a Four Letter Name

I Give My Love a Four Letter Name

how I admire you
and the marks you bear,
you’re gold even though
people have chiseled away at you
to line their pockets

you continue to beat,
your weight reduced
but still worth
the ounces
you have lost

I’d turn you to stone
if I could


Title is from the song Irresistible by Fall Out Boy.