I was supposed to teach a class today, but it was canceled. I had my teacher face ready and everything! Oh wells.

I Should Have Known When You Didn’t Look Back

I Should Have Known When You Didn’t Look Back

the last time I saw you
fall was coming,
the leaves had begun
to paint the sky
in red, orange, and yellow

you smiled
before you walked down the sidewalk
but didn’t look back or wave
as you drove away

I didn’t know then
that things would end
so quickly
or by my own hand

I still think of you
when I hear the sound
of dead leaves scraping
along the pavement.

Highlights of My Week

Highlights of My Week

I really like doing this and sharing it with all of you. It helps me focus on the little things that can be taken for granted. I’ve always been one to appreciate the small (and big) things in life, but over the past couple of months my mind won’t stop harping on the bad shit, so this has really helped me to pay attention to my life, live it better, and be more grateful and appreciative of everything. Here are the highlights of my week:

*Working on more training materials for work. I had someone from the training class I taught say they missed me.

*My son has been on a Harley Quinn kick and wants me to be her for Halloween. I agreed, of course, because heck yeah she’s awesome. One morning he told me I could be Harley because I’m skinny. His idea of skinny and mine are different, but it made me smile. I have lost weight and it’s nice that he is noticing it.

*Getting an awesome new t-shirt.

*Answering asks.

*Having an unexpected day off.

*Watching Ip Man- The Final Fight. It was sad and I cried, but it was good.

*Taking an afternoon nap.

*Having to go to court for failure to keep my dog on my property, but having the case dismissed.

*Finding out I’ll be doing tier two tech support for three months. This is the job I ultimately want, and helping out (as I have before) will help me get there. I’m not sure is it’s for tax or systems yet, but I can do either or both. Super excited.

*Selling an autographed copy of my book Smut to @ryanlowrie. I’m thrilled you bought one and I hope you enjoy it!

*Having a nice dinner at Red Lobster. Nelson had never had mussels, so we got some. Watching his face while he tried one for the first time was priceless. He really liked them. Then talking about Stephen King was also fun. We later watched Dreamcatcher.

*Getting these cool extension thing for the analog sticks for an Xbox One controller. I had issues with how hard the sticks were with my arm/hand being messed up and they really help!

*Playing Minecraft for four hours Saturday night. I can’t wait to play later, I’m very excited.

*Cleaning my house. I’ve been slacking and it’s so nice to have at least downstairs clean.

*Learning a little Spanish. I can say my favorite cuss word (which I won’t, a lot of women are highly offended by it).

*We’re going to see Bill Burr in about two weeks! I’m looking forward to it a lot.

Those are the highlights of my week. What were yours?



I’m Ryan.  I paint.  I called this painting ‘Introduce a little chaos.’  



Hey there! Nice to meet you Ryan! I paint too, although I’ve only recently started again after 15 years.

I really like this painting and not only because I’m a Batman fan or because I think Heath Ledger was the best Joker ever. I really dig the colors you used, it adds to the feeling of chaos because they aren’t colors one would expect to see. Nicely done, I recognized who it was and the scene instantly. Keep painting, Ryan, and thank you for sharing your work.