Highlights of My Week

Highlights of My Week

Here are the highlights of my week:

*Having my son tell me I’m the best and most awesome mom in the world.

*Testing out a new brand of colored pencils a buddy/co-worker brought in because he thought I would like them better. I LOVED THEM. I must own my own set. I’ve never felt a colored pencil that smooth before. For those that are interested the are Prisma colored pencils, a bit pricey, but totally worth every penny.

*Writing the training material for work. For those that don’t know, I do tech support for a tax software company. I have to write some of the training for taxes. I completed my first assignment in about a day, which is amazing time wise, and I got great feedback on the content and exercises I made up. I also managed to complete two other modules this week, and made a Job-Aid for training that is now going to be used in each Federal return type. Felt good about that.

*My mom is in town for a visit. I will spend Monday-Thursday with her this coming week. She leaves on Friday. I love when she is here. She does so much when she is here. It’s nice to be able to relax. I have enjoyed her silliness and puns so far. She is an awesome lady, it’s so wonderful to have her here.

*Playing Borderlands 2. I really love that game and love it more each time I play.

*Listening to him talk to the guy at guitar center. Just hearing how much he wanted to learn, how excited he gets about it knocks me out.

*Seeing my son cuddle with my mom. Warms my heart.

Getting some things that belonged to my grandmother. Her and my relationship wasn’t a good one most of the time and I didn’t get to say the things I wanted to before she passed. Knowing she set aside things for me while she was alive, makes me realize that she did love me, even if she didn’t approve of the length of my hair or the color of it. I feel more at peace.

*Finding out my grandfather was the first man awarded the Medal of Honor in Punxsutawney, Pa, for his part in WWIi. He never talked about it while he was alive. No one in the family (besides my grandmother, I’m sure) knew.

*Looking at pictures of my friends and I when we were teenagers. Some of them made me sad, as some have passed away, or have ended up in jail, but they made me think of a lot of happy times too. I miss them all, terribly.

Those are the highlights of my week. What were yours?


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