Even Your Emotions Have an Echo in so Much Space

Even Your Emotions Have an Echo in so Much Space

some of the bottom row
of my teeth fell out,
panic increasing with each one,
they fell into a plastic bucket

mutter of voices,
heart shouting:
no, no, no,
not another

seven is the number I counted,

also, the age of my son
who stood beside my bed
asking for water
interrupting my nightmare

I checked my mouth,
but didn’t feel at ease,
drink, tucked in,
back to bed

I try to find sleep
leaving space in the middle,
the room is hot,
fingers in my mouth,
feeling, feeling, feeling,
turning over

morning comes. according to google, Jung says:
change is coming, rebirth, and renewal.
self reflection, loss, and personal growth.

Freud says:
repressed sexual desires, a need to be nurtured, to lean on a support system,
but also loss and grief

an unknown person recommends
to think of the positive
and the negative aspects.
to find those that resonate with you
and your life. whoever you are, you
don’t know me.

some fit better, because I feel small.
clenching my teeth in the mirror
checking, checking, checking,
to make sure everything is how it should be.
when it’s not.

and I do not recognize the face I see
in the looking glass.


Title from the song Crazy by Gnarls Barkley.


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