The Choke of Longing

The Choke of Longing


I can’t sleep with all these
reminders of you.

Even the rain
is singing your name.

I need you to talk to me
louder, so your voice
drowns out the sound
of my heart pounding.

I need your hand on my chest,
to feel the power of my heartbeat
before it explodes.

I need your lips to rest on my neck
before your hands close
around it, and squeeze
the breath out of me
in soft strangled moans.

I would wave
the white flag
if it meant
you’d wave yours back.

You’ll be the death of me,
you cut deep into my heart
carving your name
leaving no room
to bear another.

I am lost,
fighting the battle I always said
I would, for you.

I can no longer speak
your name
it sends pinpricks
through every part of me
that loved you without ceasing.

I give up,
wrap those icy fingers
around my throat
kiss me one last time
before I go


Collaboration between giraffevader (standard text) and wednesdayshambles (italics).


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