I got myself some baby ducks.



I remember
when we brought you home,
my son petted you for hours,
amazed at the softness of your fur

he wanted to hold you constantly
and couldn’t understand
why a small rabbit
couldn’t sleep with him in bed

you lived a long life for a rabbit,
didn’t like me all that much,
even though I fed you,
cleaned your cage,
and bought you treats

(yogurt bites were your favorite)

you liked to be rubbed
behind your big floppy ears,
maybe a little on the nose,
and you liked to go outside
when the weather was nice
and the sun could warm
your old bunny bones

more than once you got out of the pen out back and ran under the shed,
I had a hell of a time getting you out
and I said I’d never let you back outside,
but I always did

and I swear I heard a little laugh
each time I had to fish you out from there

(good times)

now you’ve gone on
to rabbit heaven
and I haven’t been able to tell my little boy
he won’t get to pet you anymore
or feed you carrots
or celery
or the lettuce you liked

and I’m sad for him
and the others that love you
and I’m sad for me too,
even though you’d bite at me
and get real sassy when I’d clean your cage

(your sass was one of many things I loved about you)

you loved the people
in this house, sweet rabbit
and we really loved you too.