The Price of One Item in Your Cart has Changed

The Price of One Item in Your Cart has Changed

three pairs of boy’s shorts,
a batman sunshade,
a kindle fire,
a pinup dress,
and red high heel shoes

it has been seven months
and I went shopping online
for a dress
to wear on a date
that I do not have

seven months of pain
and loss
and hope

so I put a dress
and sexy shoes
in an online cart
and called it progress

the mystery man
will never know
I picked the dress out
for you.



they’re here
with their torn nails,
dry gums,
red eyes watching

they’re waiting for
a stretch in neck,
an easy target
for the slip and sink

what a shame
the hollow centers,
those bones lacking marrow
and gristle to chew on

I’ll show them a bang,
give them a hearty fuck
with the sound of
busted teeth.

Happily Never After

Happily Never After

we were
and we won’t ever be
anything else to each other.
I slept next to you, memorized the sound
of you grinding your teeth,
but I could never recite
what your heart sounds like
when it beats.
we slept, while the ceiling fan
hummed to circulate
our staleness.
just one more night. we’ll try again tomorrow.
on that night,
like all of the others,
we fed the beast of our
we clung, dirty, vile, malignant,
in the sickness
of un-love.