Clawing at the surface
the raging silhouette
pulled the trigger
and began to advance

The Tall Men Laugh as We Run

The Tall Men Laugh as We Run

the bruised backs
and bend
in taillights

they aim to kill,
not to maim

holstered homes
are empty,
while the steel torches beam
and the bridge men
walk with limps
fit to blacken
one’s eyes

time is the splinter
to my heel
and the electric hum
of hybrids
squeal in stereo
while the rest of the town

Offerings to a God Unknown

Offerings to a God Unknown

in the black throat of dawn
we commence to breaking the bed
before our heads are bowed
and our hands are tamed
in thankfulness

we create
our own blasphemy
with lust filled tongues
and hungry hips
built to withstand
the change of weather

signing oaths
on window pane
made hot and heavy
with each thrust,
we make love
that cannot be easily

he accepts our offering
and wipes our slate



the trial
slides like a steak knife
in the gut,
like houses
made of glass
with sympathetic ears
that only half listen

and there are bleeding things
underneath the soil,
that was sowed
with sorrow
and has yet
to be reaped
or condensed into
puddles to rain down

everything is fine
though we are all doomed
to repeat
memories recorded
in the creases
of skin and photographs
we palm while sleeping

the past is gone,
but let us not
the rip and tear
in wings
made heavy
with lead
from our guns