I skip stones
more easily
than I do hearts,
my aim is lousy
and I hold on to
the heavy ones
while I try to walk
on water

they’re the most beautiful
and I do not mind the added weight

I’m no miracle worker,
the blind remain blind
and the dead will continue to rot

no one is there
to watch my will
be undone

I hold my breath and say
the waters draw to
a close
over my head

Some Things Never Change

Some Things Never Change

our kids stumble
over themselves-
never in a million years
would we have anticipated
their feet running in unison
brandishing toy guns and a
proton pack

I karate chop one
in the name of justice

we talk about old times
we’d babysit
and raid liquor cabinets

I threw an orange at Mena’s eye
while shouting:
“it’s a fly by fruiting!”
I had been aiming for the wall
I swear

we exchange stories of old loves
and the most recent,
my lips are bruises
I cover them with my hands
silence them with laughter

we are blood
without the relation,
unchanged by distance
inseparable by time
we are we.

The wood is dark, polished,
with a few nicks and scratches
from those inclined to
consume one too many

they wanted to leave their mark
for the next to find,
prove that they existed

the stool is worn,
its stuffing has started
to fall out at the bottom
where fabric greets metal

loved well
then forgotten
after last call

they pour themselves
into glasses,
expect understanding
and warmth to brave
cold dashboards
and blurry drives home

the bar is closed
it has had enough tears soak into
its counter

as have I

and I have yet
to resolve

I fear
I am not warm enough
for the drive home

I was Beautiful Once

I was Beautiful Once

The sun is hot
on my shoulders,
I’ve been waiting
silently and with great patience
in this field

ready to be plucked
and put in your finest vase

I’ll grace the table,
distract eyes from
the soiled table cloth
and mismatched

I begin to wither
from lack of water

I’ll die slowly
while life goes on
around me
and all I wanted was
to grow roots

I’m tossed out with discarded mail
and coffee grounds

Jacob’s Sixth Birthday

Jacob’s Sixth Birthday

when I brought you home
I was afraid I’d break you
you were so little
in the car seat,
you swam in the wooden walls
of your white bassinet

I didn’t sleep for three days
afraid that I’d wake up
and you wouldn’t be there,
I’d check on you constantly
place my hand on your chest
to make certain
it was still moving

six years later
and I still wake up
to check
on my little guy
the one I love most
in this world

I’d brave Mordor alone,
fight off armies of Orcs,
if it meant you were safe,
happy and to show you
how much
you are loved

Legolas rules.